Where do Marijuana Seeds Grow Best

Weed growers can plant marijuana seeds in any indoor or outdoor garden but mostly they prefer it to grow in indoor plots. Indoor plots provide many advantages compared to outdoor garden because you can face several risks in growing pots outside your home. Cannabis plants can grow in an indoor garden because you can control the growth of your weed plantation. On the other hand, you can also plant your cannabis plants in an outdoor garden but growing it is not as easy as the indoors. But the growth and quality of your marijuana plants is better than the development and quality of your cannabis plants in the indoor. Furthermore, whatever the choice of cultivation method you plan to your marijuana plantation, either way you can grow an excellent production of weeds in your garden.

Cultivation methods

Marijuana seeds can grow best in any indoor plots especially in hydroponics but hydroponics is not always necessary. All you need in an indoor plot are proper amounts of soil, light, temperature, and water. You can grow from 2 to 12 marijuana seeds in your indoor garden and you can place these seeds in boxes or plastic containers. You can choose from clay pellets, Rockwool, coco fibers, and perlites as the types of soil suitable to the kind of cannabis seeds that you desire to grow. Indoor marijuana seeds can grow best in blue lights with 6,500k power so expose your weed plantation from 12 hours of blue lights and from 12 hours of unexposed to lights.

Moreover, you can control the weather condition of your marijuana plantation in an indoor garden. You just need to get the exact mixture of its temperaturebecause marijuana plants can grow best in a humid condition of about 17 ˚C to 33 ˚C. Even if your plants are in a humid weather condition, you still need to maintain it with consistent watering and control of pests. On the other hand, your marijuana seeds can also grow in any outdoor plots. But first, you need to find the perfect growing spot with direct amounts of sunlight, soil, water, and nutrients. After looking for the perfect spot, you need to get the appropriate planting tools so you can start to cultivate your marijuana seeds.

After the preparation, dig a hole of 10 ft. to 20 ft. to create fences so it could protect your weed plantation from possible harms. Then create another hole for the plantation of your marijuana seeds. Check your weed plantation every 10 to 14 days for consistent watering and fertilizing. During its blooming season, you need to have the appropriate tools so you can properly harvest the marijuana plants. After harvesting, dry your cannabis plants and prepare it for storage. Then you now have a supply of your weeds from your outside garden.

Useful guidelines on how to plant marijuana seeds

The first and most important factor that can affect your marijuana cultivation is choosing the seeds or cannabis strain. This is very crucial since not all cannabis strains or seeds can grow in both indoor and outdoor setups. There are even some marijuana strains that require special attention when growing them which means that it may cause a lot of problems especially for novice breeders or growers. Choose the type of pot that is easy to grow but is still expected to produce a good amount of yield. Once you have decided which type of marijuana strain you want to cultivate, your next step is to decide where you will grow them.

Indoors or outdoors?

There has always been a debate among expert cannabis growers on whether it is best to cultivate pot indoors or outdoors. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to growing weed in the setup that you prefer. Just keep in mind the basic necessities of the plant especially when you are growing it outdoors where it will be exposed to a lot of elements that may cause harm to the pot. Growing the marijuana plant indoors can produce a good amount of yield because the plant is not fully exposed to harmful outside elements. Using hydroponic propagation and other growing paraphernalia can also help in cultivating healthy cannabis.

If you prefer to grow weed outdoors then prepare to take extra care of the plants to ensure that it will not be infected with pests and other damaging elements. It is best to use a net which will secure the plants and it is important to pick an isolated area where the weeds can grow. Although growing cannabis outdoors can be a bit challenging, growers may still be able to save a substantial amount of money because they do not need to worry about electricity bills, filters and other growing paraphernalia.

Grow the best weed crop

Once you have established the location where you will cultivate your marijuana seeds, the next step is to find the best soil for your crop. This is one of the most crucial points when growing cannabis and it is best to get recommendations from expert growers or from the seed bank/dealer. Make sure that you do not over water the weeds since it just might kill the weeds especially when it is still young. Do not put too much fertilizer and always provide an ample area for the plant to grow.

Steps on How to Produce Marijuana Seeds

With the advent of the fact that more and more countries are already aware of what the real deal in marijuana is, it has been slowly accepted in most countries that growing cannabis may be then considered to be one of the most ideal choice ever to be made.

Now, given this scenario, it is only but fitting and proper that these growers must be able to know more about the proper cultivation of these cannabis plants primarily for a lot of purposes actually. Myriad reasons are being found why growers find it necessary to product their own marijuana seeds. Thus, it is of this reason that the creation and production of various cannabis seeds may soon to be considered as a science in motion as a systematic and careful process is being involved here just to be able to come up with growing marijuana seeds that have the best strain or has the highest quality feature.

Great tips for you to consider:

  • Know the type of seed or plant that you want to grow

What is your main purpose as to why you need to produce your own marijuana seeds? If you look forward for a great smoke, then it is best that you choose to grow feminized seeds or female weed plants. The intention must first be established here so that one may be guided all throughout the growing process.

  • Find the best area for you to grow pot

This is the most crucial part as light is one of the most important elements necessary for the survival of ever cannabis plant. One must be able to ensure that such plant must receive enough amount of light. Outdoor growing may have to require the plant for an estimated sunlight requirement of 6 hours.

  • Careful germination process

A lot of growers may fail in this process. When it comes to germination of the seeds, it is highly recommended that the seeds must be dropped in a cup of warm water. Once they are kept in the dark for about 3 days or so until the roots would come out and that would be the fitting time for it to be planted.

  • Decide on the manner of growing

Once you are ready for the pot to be planted, one should decide whether such plant will be grown through natural elements or through chemical means. If you plan to smoke it, chemical means may not produce a great taste.

A practical grow guide for marijuana

Cannabis or also known as weed or marijuana is a type of flowering plant which has 3 various species which are Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. There are many misconceptions about the uses of marijuana but this miracle plant has been used for centuries for a variety of reasons. This plant has been used for fiber, for seed oils and as well as for medicinal purposes. Cannabis can also be used as a recreational drug which has made growing and using cannabis as a point for discussion.

The top benefits of marijuana

Cannabis has many medical benefits that will definitely outweigh its negative aspects. Many people are finally recognizing the importance of marijuana especially in the sense that it provides medical benefits. Marijuana is known to produce a calming and relaxing effect which makes it one of the best natural solutions for stress related disorders, pain and other medical conditions. Many studies have shown that using marijuana can actually treat patients with glaucoma, epileptic seizures and it can even slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease just to name a few. With all the positive aspects that the marijuana can bring to a person’s life, many people are now seriously considering growing weed either for personal consumption or for business.

Tips on how to grow marijuana

There are several marijuana strains that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, it is very important to note which one would be the best option before you start growing your own weed crop. If you plan to grow your marijuana indoors then there are a few things that you need to take note of. The first and most important thing that you need to when growing pot indoors is that you need to find a good space wherein the area is well ventilated. Find a good and reputable marijuana seed seller and ask them to recommend to you a good strain for indoor cultivation. Choose the best potting soil and as well as fluorescent lamps. You can also add filters or hydroponic propagation if the strain needs it.

Growing pot outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors needs a lot of dedication since the plant is more susceptible to danger from pests and other outdoor elements. Take extra precautions when growing pot outdoors such as using other plants for camouflage. Choose a particular strain that is pest resistant and those that can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions.

Laws on how to grow marijuana seeds – what you need to know

Even if many have fought for the legalization of growing and distributing marijuana, some became successful while others do not. There are states that have allowed it but for limited use only that is for medical purposes. Growing marijuana is restricted to that reasons only. Therefore, if you want to grow weed you have to take note that you should understand the law that is connected to it. Don’t just go to it without properly conceiving what you need to do if you venture into it. You have to properly understand what you need to do.

How to grow marijuana in your pot?

Many cannabis smokers have dreamed of openly growing marijuana. However, even if many have proposed laws that are intended for the regularization of this crop, only some have become successful and the use is only limited as well. Because of the medicinal properties that marijuana possesses, the law has allowed it to be grown for this purpose alone.

  • Familiarize the law – Each state has different laws. A law on one place may differ from the law of another place. Therefore, you have to be sure that you first know the law of the place where you planned it to grow.
  • Understanding the legality of cannabis – Distribution and cultivation of marijuana is subject to certain laws. Even if it has been regularized to some countries, there are still some who still prohibited it. Therefore, the key towards growing it successfully and without worrying about the danger that it can bring, you have to make sure that you have looked into each regulations. Do not overlook nor miss any details to avoid getting yourself into trouble.
  • Knowing all details – You have to know about the restrictions given. There are laws that only allow a person to grow the specified amount and you should not exceed than the recommended amount. If you want to have smooth growing activities, you might as well just stick to the law.

Grow marijuana legally

By making sure that you conform to the legal standards set by your respective government, you can avoid chances of being called by the law because of inappropriate actions. The law that has been passed and approved has shown a big improvement towards the use of cannabis compared to when it is still totally prohibited. Therefore, you should at least submit yourselves to this law.

How to Utilize Your Area for Growing Marijuana Seeds?

Growing your very own marijuana can be challenging an even tricky. There are times that one needs to practice creativity in order for them to be able to successfully grow their very own cannabis. When it comes to growing your own cannabis, it is best that one should be able to fully utilize the available space that is intended for growing weeds.

When you are keen on utilizing your own area particularly for growing cannabis, one should be expecting an indoor type of growing. This kind of growing should be more challenging as compared to outdoor type of growing particularly because one needs to take more time in preparing for its germination and all the matters related to growing the pot whereas in outdoor growing, you simply allow nature to take its course.

Make the most of your area for growing cannabis:

When you grow your own marijuana, you need to allocate enough space for it. Here are your helpful details for you to start with.

  • Make a shelf

Depending on the volume of your plants, you need to make shelves which will serve as your proper drainage system and that which is capable to accommodate lighting fixtures. Consider also the height of the shelves depending on the height of the cannabis plant.

  • Make the necessary lighting

The standard lighting for growing pot should be at 4 feet and it is preferably hung using a hook and chain. This should be adjustable depending on the current height of the plant. When it comes to the type of the bulbs, the cool and white ones should be chosen.

  • Make a container

There are available flats that are in their standard size which will fit very snugly for cannabis plants which at the same time, provide drainage.

  • Allow enough space depending on the size of the plant

You should be able to allocate enough room should you grow marijuana having a much taller height. Now, there are different kinds of cannabis in terms of height. Thus, if it does not grow that tall, then there is no pressure in allocating a bigger space for it.

  • Buy some containers to effectively use up space

Containers are the best tools for you to effectively grow marijuana without ever having to spend enough space. It is best to utilize them the best way you know how so as to avoid unnecessary wastage of space.

How to Set-up a Grow Cabinets for Marijuana Seeds

Indoor garden is the best option that you can choose if you plan to grow marijuana plants. Growing it inside your house is basically the most ideal way. If you can’t afford to have an inside garden, there is an alternative solution. You can build cabinets for your marijuana seeds to grow. Aside from it provides privacy, it is the safest and most convenient way to cultivate your cannabis seeds.

Since it is convenient, you can place your cabinets in various parts of your house. You can place it in the utility room, attic, or bedroom. Besides, you can control the growth and environment of your weed plantation. Moreover, aside from it is convenient, cabinets are also cheap. You have every option to provide the most affordable materials for the set-up of your marijuana seeds’ cabinet. No matter what kind of materials you used for your cabinet, you will always end up growing a good quality and a good yield of pot.


Building a cabinet

Marijuana has a remarkable smell, beautiful look, and strong kick in the smoker’s body. In order to attain these qualities, you need to consider the space, materials, light and flow of air in creating a cabinet. If you consider these factors, then you can produce a successful weed plantation. Before you decide to build cabinet, you need to consider which place to put it. Because you need a space of 35 inch by 10 inch or 0.9 meter by 0.5 meter. After you selected the right place to build a cabinet, you need to decide whether to avail a reflective cabinet tent or not. Reflective cabinet tents are one of the most successful plant areas for your marijuana seeds because it automatically provides light.

Reflective cabinet tents are best cabinets that you can provide to your cannabis seeds but it is not necessary. You can still build the cabinet even without the reflective cabinet tents but cabinetsrequirehavingtons of lights.You need to buy energy saver light bulbs with a voltage of 100 watts. One light bulb is equivalent to two marijuana plants. Make sure to expose your weeds to about18 hours of light and 6 hours of no light. Besides, you need to buy more blue lights if you want to have a successful weed production.

After placing the lights, cover the inside and outside corners of the cabinet so the lights will not get out. Then, buy afan since you need to create proper ventilation for your cannabis plants. Make sure that you place the fan at the bottom so the air entirely flows in the cabinet. Besides, the fan will keep your cannabis plants away from termites.

How to Make DIY Hydroponic Grow Cabinet for Marijuana Seeds

Growing your own marijuana seeds always gives you the assurance that you have the cleanest and freshest pots. Today, there are different cultivation methods used to plant the cannabis seeds and one of the most effective is in the inside garden. Marijuana seeds can best grow in any types of indoor plots especially when it is under the hydroponic system. Hydroponics is a method of developing plants with the use of nutrient solutions and water. It doesn’t require any soil because it can grow in gravels, clays, perlites, coconut husks, or in mineral wools.

You know the mechanics of hydroponics in order for you to understand its entire system. You don’t have to worry about it because hydroponics is easy to understand. Besides, you should be aware of it because marijuana is one of the plants that can grow best in the hydroponics system. In addition, it requires proper monitoring of the system so you can determine whether it functions or not. Moreover, the hydroponic system needs an easy flow of water, air, and temperature.

Growing in hydroponics

Hydroponic system is the safest way of growing a weed plantation. One of the best and easiest hydroponics is the Water Culture System. The method requires an aquarium or any solid container with four vertical sides. It should be good enough to hold an ample amount of water that you will be used in the entire system. In addition, it also requires the following materials like the 2” floating platform made with Styrofoam, 3 oz plastic or Styrofoam cups, growing medium such as perlites or vermiculite mix, air pumps and air stones, hydroponic fertilizers, and PH test kit.

First, cut the floating platform to fit the size of the container then create a cup size hole that is good enough to fit the cup. Put several holes at the bottom of the cup for approximately 1/8 to 1/4 dia. After cutting the platform, fill the cups with your chosen growing medium then fill it with cannabis seeds. Next, fill the container with water. Make sure that you that you mix the nutrient solution to the hydroponic fertilizer before putting it in the water. Then, check the PH level of the water but make sure that it is between the PH levels of 6.3 to 6.5 and if it is not, you can always adjust it.

Moreover, place 1/4 of air pumps to the air stones and then put it in the water. Make sure that both ends of the air pump produce bubbles from the air stones. After, you can now place the floating platform on the top of the container. Then, you can put the cups in the hole of the floating platform. If the cannabis plants had absorbed and reduced the water from the container, you can just add water. But if the water was reduced for the second time, it is time that you change the water and put new mixtures of nutrient solutions and fertilizers.

How to become a marijuana distributor legally

Legalization of marijuana

As a product of the legalization of marijuana especially those that portray strong percentage of giving medicinal benefits, many businessmen and entrepreneurs have been into the idea of venturing into it towards making money. In fact, as you can see today, many online businesses are even offering this one for sale because of the high number of consumers that it has. But the basic question that you should answer before you finally get your hands on it is by asking yourself how you can be a legal distributor. There are many who wanted to do business with it but they fail because not everyone can readily purchase from you if you cannot show them sufficient documents that you are indeed a legal distributor.

Legal distribution of marijuana

Everyone can be a distributor but only a few are considered legally allowed to distribute this stuff among consumer. One of the conditions given for the distribution and growing of weed is for medical purposes. It is just dedicated for the purpose of providing alternative medicine but still under the recommendation of a doctor. Despite the benefit that people can get from this crop, you still have to observe the law in order not to stumble on trouble because of this. Therefore, see to it that you can comply with the law.

How to distribute it legally?

  • Know the law – You have to make a careful study about the law because failure to comply would mean necessary actions will be undertaken. You can hire a lawyer so they can help you understand what you need to consider.
  • Selection of the place where you can put up a business – Even if cannabis strain are one of the best pick for a person’s medicinal pot, it must be remembered that not all places are open to this idea. Therefore, be sure to identify if the place is worth a try.
  • Design your plan – Brainstorm ways on how you can distribute it. Think about how you can let other people know that you are selling this. What are your next steps? You should have prepared for it even before you engaged to it. Identify where you are going to distribute. Determine the scope and where you will limit the distribution. Learn some tips from successful distributors. This is just like any other business that needs careful planning too.

How Do I Germinate Marijuana Seeds?

Germinating marijuana seeds can be easy. For as long as you will be able to follow these simple steps as to how to germinate your cannabis seeds, then you are surely headed towards the right path when it comes to growing your very own pot.

For some, the most crucial state in growing cannabis is in the germination process. Thus, it is considered to be one of the most fulfilling accomplishments for every grower to be able to finally grow a healthy and yielding cannabis.

What is germination?

It would help to first define what germination is. In its simplest terms, germination is the process of allowing your seeds to finally be able to sprout. This means that if there are already those tiny shoots that would emerge from your, then congratulations; you are already on your first step towards the germination process.

The following are your guidelines in being able to successfully germinate cannabis seeds.

  • Make sure that your seeds get enough moisture and heat

The primary factor that would ensure the germination process of your pot to take place is the presence of enough moisture and heat in your plant. They allow the seeds to burrow deeply in their main root which will then initiate the germination process.

Now should the roots will start to break from the shell, always make sure that the water surrounding it will not dry up. Otherwise, the said seedling would not live that long. Thus, it is very important to maintain moisture on the seedling as they are in its fragile phase.

  • Warm temperature is the key

The next important thing is to ensure that during the germination process, the cannabis seed will only continue to be nurtured only strictly on warm temperatures only. One should know that these cannabis seedlings will be able to grow faster because they are more accessible in being able to absorb enough moisture through their fragile leaves especially if their roots are still in the process of growing and developing.

For this to be possible especially in areas that are humid and wet, it is highly possible to use some incandescent bulbs throughout the area in which the germination of your marijuana is taking place.

Always remember that while you are germinating your seeds, one should never assume that just because the seeds appear and look crushed or broken, it doesn’t have a chance to germinate. In fact, it is contrary from the truth.