Information about Female Marijuana Seeds – How to Buy

When buying female marijuana seeds, you can either get them online or offline (that is, in a real shop). Online is the much better option for a whole gamut of reasons, chief among them the ease of finding the right strain for you. It’s not perfect, though, and the top weed strains are usually sold out by the time you get to them. With that said, buying at brick-and-mortar shops is also an option if you live in a place where pot is legal. However, there are varying states of legality when it comes to cannabis, especially in the United States. In some states or countries, pot is only legal if it’s used medicinally and prescribed by a doctor. In other areas, it’s completely legal that even coffee shops sell it.

Other Things of Note Regarding Marijuana Seeds of the Feminized Variety

  • Feminized seeds are gifts that keep on giving. To be more specific, did you know that a female seed that’s unfertilized can produce more THC, which is the ingredient that gives cannabis that extra kick that affects your brains and will leave you pondering the mysteries of the universe while smoking a joint or a bong? You know, as opposed to CBD, which facilitates the more relaxing and couch-lock effects of your typical hash. The amount of THC and CBD in strains is also determined by whether it’s mostly Indica (equal CBD and THC) or Sativa (most THC) in terms of genetics.
  • Marijuana pollination and fertilization can be done through traditional fertilization (male and female plants get together, male pollens are transferred to female flowers, and fertilization begins) or rodelization (whenever a female plant is about to end its life cycle without fertilization, it becomes hermaphroditic, it gets a pollen sac, and fertilizes itself in order to produce seeds). Stress can also make female plants turn into male ones, which is why colloidal silver is water is a known method of marijuana rodelization. The silver stresses the pot plant enough to make it self-pollinate and fertilize as a sort of survival mechanism or instinct.
  • Aside from feminizing seeds, breeders also developed strains that can autoflower. Regular marijuana female plants, aside from requiring males to fertilize themselves and produce seed offspring, also need a set amount of sunlight every day in order to flower or mature. This is problematic whether it’s indoors (not much sunlight comes through) or outdoors (if it’s the rainy season), which is why breeders developed autoflowering cannabis strains that can flower regardless of whether or not you’re able to meet the set amount of light for photoperiod plants.

Important Facts You Need To Know When Buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds

“Breeding with Herman” or hermaphroditic breeding is the breeding technique breeders use in order to produce all-female seed clones without having the need for male flowers (which, to be honest, are only useful for pollination and reproduction, but they themselves are worthless in terms of producing highs or stones). Let this be clear: Only female plants can make you high or stoned. Male plants are incapable of giving you any effects whatsoever. The new breeds of plants used by breeders—the feminized variety—are female clones that can reproduce without males because they can make an abundance of male flowers and pollen by themselves. These plants, in essence, can turn into hermaphrodites and breed more clones without the need of male reproductive intervention, hence the term hermaphroditic breeding. Feminized seeds are thus produced this way, with no need to get male seeds involved at all.

Why Feminized Marijuana Seeds Are the Best

  • Back in the day, marijuana seeds came with male and female seeds. The males were required because they made the female ones blossom and reproduce seeds after flowering. Furthermore, until the advent of autoflowering plants, pot used to require a set amount of sunlight or just light in general if you’re indoors (around 18 hours or so depending on the strain) in order to bloom. Otherwise, they won’t be able to mature (or at least the regular strains won’t; autoflowers, as their name suggest, bloom within a set amount of weeks).
  • This meant that your ability to get female plants and seeds was limited to the luck of the draw, thus breeders decided to create female hermaphroditic clones that can reproduce without male assistance. With that said, producing feminized cannabis seeds is also luck-based. If there’s some way to ensure that every seed could produce female plants, then breeders would probably choose that method above all others. However, the truth of the matter is that even feminization has its ups and downs or assets and liabilities.
  • Instead, weed and pot growers opt to find ways to increase the likelihood of feminized cannabis plants because there’s no surefire way to ensure that you’ll get female clones (and most of the time, the breeders still have to weed out the males from the female seeds). The methods available for inducing more female or feminized seeds include colloidal silver and rodelization. Both methods induce females to produce male parts in order to propagate without male help. Rodelization happens by simply removing males and letting females become males. In turn, colloidal silver can be added to water to induce rodelization.


How to Order Marijuana Online

There are just times where purchasing marijuana can make you feel paranoid because there are certain parts in the world where it is not yet legalized, but it is a good thing that many people are starting to open up their minds when it comes to purchasing marijuana especially the authority where some even considered some weed stores as legal nowadays. These stores were permitted when it comes to growing pot, and many people favored them because they make sure that they are cultivating medical marijuana plants.

One of the best parts of purchasing weed is that you can now see many stores online and not just in certain parts of the world where it is legal. However, some might require you to have a medical marijuana prescription for them to know that you are using it the right way. So if you are one of those people that are curious about the wonders of cannabis indica or sativa, then just buy one online. Here are the simplest methods on purchasing marijuana online:

Find a Weed Store

If you want to look for a well known weed store online, then just search it on the internet. This is a legal way to purchase marijuana as long as you see that they are permitted by the law to publish such sites to the point where they can deliver some plants or seeds straight at your home. However, not all sites are known to legitimately sell marijuana because there are some that are just publishing sites for the sake of grabbing money, but there is one simple step for you to identify whether these sites are the good or the bad ones.

Check Reviews before Purchasing

Now that you have canvassed for the weed store that has the weed that you need, it is the time to check out those reviews. Before purchasing one on that website, make sure that you search for the reviews about that site. Some forums have posts about the sites where you can purchase weed, and they make sure that the members that visit here post replies if they have experienced the site already in terms of customer service. You will be able to know if they got ripped off or not in this way. There are also some other sites where you can see the reviews about customer purchase if they felt satisfied with the weed that they bought or now, so make sure to read them carefully before pressing that purchase button.

Once that you’re good to go, then that means you are finally going to have your weed delivered straight at your house so that you can experience the wonders of the plant that has wonderful effects in terms of the mind, body and spirit together with some medical purposes that will make you feel at ease!

How to order marijuana legally?

What if your supply of marijuana had gone low? What would you do? Do you rather wait for your local supplier to come to you which will take a lot longer than what you have expected or you will rather try your luck online. Before you venture on using what the web can do to you, you should have already understood the hazard that is interconnected to it. You are exposing yourself to danger that your purchase will be forfeited in case the online seller fails to fulfil the guaranteed safe transaction with you. You have to understand that in any other transaction that you have through the online media, there is higher probability of getting deceived especially when you fail to consider what needs to be considered. Aside from the danger of landing to fake sites, you are also in danger of being arrested just in case you do not abide the law for it.

How can buy weed legally

If you wanted to start your own weed garden, you will need seeds for it. In growing cannabis strain, you have to make sure that it is legal so does the manner at which you purchase these seeds. So, what you need to do? Here are some tips.

  • Choose legal sites – These are sites that are in itself legal. When you say legal, it means that it has conformed to the required procedures as stated by the law. You have to take note about what you can do in order to be sure that things will be all the way legal.
  • Proper age allowed to purchase – You have to follow the rules and regulations set by your government. If the government told you that it is only allowed for people who are 21 years old and above, then abide with it. Do not expose yourself to the danger of getting arrested because you violated the recommended age.
  • Identify whether weed is legalized in your country – Even if you purchase the seeds on a country or a state where marijuana is legalized, when it arrives to your country where it is highly prohibited you will still be jailed for going against the law. So, be very sure to know if medical pots are allowed or is it totally restricted. You are old enough to know the law. So, do not make a mistake on it.

How to Identify Legitimate Marijuana Online Shops

It is well known nowadays that marijuana shops are starting to grow online. There are lots of weed shops that claim that they are selling the best breeds of cannabis for you to experience, and they also make sure that they are wise enough to provide information about the weed that you want to try together with some tips in growing it. However, not all of these sites are legitimate, and they might only exist for the sake of providing information. There are also some annoying stores where they will just steal your payment information for their own benefit, and we don’t want that to happen!

The internet has its own crooks that come along with the freedom that you can do as you browse online, and it is a good thing that helping you out is for free. Without further ado, here are the best tips when it comes to looking for the legitimate weed shops online:

Contact the Site

Every website has its own e-mail addresses so that viewers can contact them whenever the need arises. Weed stores are dealing business with the people, and it is just the right thing to place their contact information for the people to know that they are responsive when it comes to their customers to avoid further rip offs. With the help of these contacts, you will surely know who will be the right ones to talk to when it comes to dealing with them.

Check Weed Forums

There are lots of forums that are dedicated for those who just love the magic plant. These contain lots of information such as making cannabutter, growing pot, and also the information about the stores existing online. There are various topics in these forums, and the information about the weed stores will always be there as well. So make sure to check the comments of those who already tried the store for you to know if they felt satisfied or not.

Check the Site

If you are already on the site, it is the best to check out the reviews for you to know if the past customers that visited and purchased on the site felt satisfied with their purchase. There might be some legitimate stores online, but not all will provide the exact amount of weed or seed that you desire. Make sure to check if they review ratings are also good for you to change your mind as soon as possible. You can also navigate the whole site for you to know if they have information about their legitimacy when it comes to selling and shipping weed online – you might realize that some of the good ones ship out your product for free!

How to Buy The Best Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Here are your multiple options when buying pot seeds. Marijuana’s availability in the “real world” (as opposed to the “virtual world” or the Internet) depends mostly on its legality. If it’s completely illegal, as in even medicinal use of the drug is forbidden, then the only non-online way to get them is by illicit, underground means, like the black market or through drug dealers who also have stronger “stuff”. If it is legal for medicinal purposes, then you should ask your doctor where to buy. It’s either he himself provides you with the seeds or he’ll refer you to a shop or a pharmacy selling them (aside from online ordering). Finally, in countries where weed is as legal as coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes, they’re available in coffee shops and pharmacies with little to no restrictions (save perhaps for age).

Other Things of Note When Buying Feminized Seeds

  • Any marijuana feminization discussion is best done with traditional fertilization in mind. Traditional cannabis fertilization, like the fertilization of any plant, involves the male plant spreading its pollen to a female plant either by wind, insect, or close proximity. Some growers prefer female plants to be unfertilized because they produce the best smoke with high THC content, pollination is important to breeders who want to produce more seeds and whatnot.
  • Then there’s rodelization, which involves making the female plant turn into a hermaphrodite to pollinate itself and other females around it due to a lack of a male plant. Furthermore, most of the seeds produced through rodelization are female as well, because all the reproductive and genetic materials involved have female traits. This is a boon for growers because the only good marijuana plant is a female one since that’s the gender you can smoke and get high with.
  • Sinsemilla or unfertilized plants may have high quality “highs” and “stones” due to the production of the active ingredient of marijuana, which is THC, thus ensuring a better smoking experience. However, if you lack seeds for next year’s crop as a breeder, then you’re in trouble. Even growers only wish to buy a certain amount of seeds for growing for the implicit goal of making their own seeds without having to purchase more from the breeders who sell these seeds.
  • Many overseas marijuana seed companies don’t even have feminized seeds. They instead go by regular strain seeds with a mix of female and male plants (as was the practice of cannabis seed dealerships during the Seventies and Eighties). What this means is that there are times when you’ll end up with a pack full of male plants and only one or two female plants, which is a total rip-off.

How to buy marijuana online?

Online market for weed

Along with the legalization of marijuana, many businessmen have turned to growing it for the purpose of making money from it and at the same time providing benefits to people. In their desire to increase the coverage that they can reach they have also utilized available methods for making their products available to their customers. Marijuana sellers have also seen the internet as the potential outlet where they can market their products. Through the use of the online media, they have increased the probability of inviting more customers to their doors.

Steps on how to buy marijuana online

If you are not familiar with how the online market works, you better know some tips first. You have to know what you need to do when you decide to purchase online. Here are the things that you need to do.

  • Find trusted sites – This is the first step that you should do. The moment that you make a mistake on the choice of site, all the rest will follow. You must not erase the fact that scammers do exist. Therefore, you have to avoid coming across this people. If you are a cannabis smoker, then you have to identify which among the sites that you come across is real.
  • Create an account – Most sites will ask you to sign up for a free account first. This is for you to fully access the site. This account will serve as the key that will bring you inside the site and to see what are the products offered by these sites.
  • The need for a credit card – Most online sellers will require you to have a credit card because this credit card will help them determine your age. Only people who are at their legal age are allowed to order it. Of course, you can just fake your age so they are making sure that they will know what your real age is. So, when you wanted to have grown weed in your pot you cannot escape from it if you are still below the legal age.

Final step

The last thing that you should do is to choose which among their products you will purchase. Just click the order button and proceed to checkout. Wait for your order to be shipped. The number of days that it will arrive varies per location.

How to Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The short answer to the above question is this: You can buy feminized marijuanaseeds online. Use Google. Find the site that’s nearest or at your locality. Or perhaps not, since in some states or cities, regions, and countries all over the world, weedremains illegal. Therefore, you might want to look up the laws governing your plot of land and see if it’s okay for you to order online for your selection of feminized marijuana seeds. Also keep in mind that you’re buying seeds in order to go about growing your own weed or pot, so it’s essential to know the basics of how to propagate feminized seeds. With that said, you should go for cannabis of the feminized variety because that’s the kind of weed you can smoke to get high.

Other Things of Note in Terms of Finding Your Own Feminized Weed Seeds

  • When ordering seeds of the feminized variety online, you should look at their description and how they’re grown. There’s a wide range of choices online and in many ways, they’re a lot cheaper and straightforward to order through ecommerce shops and online shopping when compared to finding weed shops in seedy corners full of druggies that might be taking more than just cannabis to get their highs. You can also purchase bongs and other paraphernalia that can enrich or enhance your weed smoking experience.
  • Most beginners look for autos or autoflower pot seeds because regular seeds are a pain to deal with in terms of growing. To wit, there’s a set time limit in terms of the amount of hours of light and hours of darkness that your marijuana plant (whether it’s of the Indica or Sativa strain, two of the most common strains, although there are Ruderalis strains out there too) should get before it could flower to full bloom altogether. An autoflower plant is easier to grow and doesn’t require as many specifics in terms of the light they get when grown indoors or in a greenhouse.

You’ll also have to look up what Sea of Green (growing a whole plot of marijuana like you’re harvesting wheat crop) or Screen of Green (using a screen to let the cannabis grow from the holes in the screen) means because some strains are particular when it comes to how they’re grown, thus requiring you to use SoG or ScroG. Marijuana growth ranges from 8-10 weeks on average, give or take a week (some 7-8, others all the way to 10-12).

Helpful Tips when Buying Marijuana Online

When it comes to buying weed, it is a well known fact that you might need the help of other people when it comes to finding the right dealer that will provide you the one that you really like. But in terms of the internet, articles such as these will be your guide towards finding the right dealers on weed shops. There are lots of weed shops that you can choose, and you can actually go ahead and purchase weed there, but you really need some help before you proceed because there are some things that you need to know before you go ahead and feel excited about feeling high or stoned. Here are the best tips when purchasing pot online:

Know your Weed First

Since you are planning to purchase weed online, then it’s best to explore the internet for you to know the different breeds first together with all of their information. It is well known that each breed of cannabis has different methods in terms of growing one, the appearance and size, and also the effects and medical purposes of each breed. You need to be knowledgeable about this for you to know which one will be the best for you.

Check Site Reviews

It is important to research the marijuana that you want to smoke together with the site’s details as well. You need to know if you are dealing with the right website because there are some scammers that are just good with words and not with actions, plus they might even steal your credit card information. In order for you to know which site is the best pot dealer online, check out the reviews for you to know if other customers were able to receive and experience the product that they purchased in order for you to feel assured that you are on the right path.

Stay Safe

The most important tip above all is that you need to be safe when it comes to purchasing the product. You need to buy at your own risk because there might be instances where weed is illegal in your area, and you might get in trouble – despite the fact that we are all fighting for the reason that weed is not actually that dangerous to use. Learn to be wise when it comes to purchasing in order for you to avoid trouble, and for you to experience the best out of the good vibrations especially once that you received your product without trouble whatsoever!

Feminized Marijuana Seeds – Where to Buy

Your main rule of thumb when buying feminized marijuana seeds is to buy them online. However, if you’re not from the United Kingdom and you’re buying from a UK site for the sake of importation, make sure that the site you’re patronizing is on the up and up. The same could be said for people from the U.K. attempting to buy their hash overseas or from other (neighboring) countries like Germany or Sweden. Be careful where you buy from. Don’t just pick the first site that comes up from Google. Rather, if you wish to grow quality cannabis, you should check out the customer reviews and testimonials available all of the net about your marijuana website of choice. Some might offer dubious or low-quality seed yields, many of which will fail to germinate on your soil, whether grown indoors or outdoors.

Check Out Marijuana Site Reviews

  • It’s not uncommon for bad cannabis seed providers (and there are quite a lot of them online) that provide seeds that will not germinate. The last thing you want to happen is to get gypped on an online deal, especially if the site in question is located outside of your country of residence. It also makes great financial sense to designate some weed for fertilization in any given crop.
  • People buy feminized marijuana seeds for a variety of reasons. Some would rather have more female seeds than male seeds around because male plants don’t get people high; only the female plants contain THC and CBD that produce that signature mellow stone that the majority of cannabis strains produce. Others know about the fact that sinsemilla (unfertilized) weed has more THC pound-for-pound than fertilized females, thus they buy only “virgin” females on purpose.
  • Still others wish to go about seed production through “Breeding with Herman” or hermaphroditic breeding through rodelization. For your information, rodelization happens when a plot or planter’s box full of all-female sinsemilla plants are about to die (that is, reach the end of their life cycle) or otherwise stress (threatened, perhaps), which triggers a species-preservation reflex that makes certain female plants produce pollen sacs in order to self-pollinate themselves or even pollinate the other sinsemilla females around them.

That’s all done for the sake of preserving the species, in not so many words. Of course, even seeds (all female) bred through hermaphroditic breeding and rodelization can produce male seeds as long as they’re bred to make seeds in the traditional manner, with the help of non-hermaphroditic pollen from an honest-to-goodness male plant. Otherwise, you can induce rodelization by adding colloidal silver in the water of your all-female collection of marijuana.