Helpful Guidelines When Producing Marijuana Seeds

Nothing can be further stressed that cannabis plants need utmost care and attention when it comes to its survival and maintenance. And when it comes to taking care of these extremely very functional plants, it does not only involve a mere knowledge about gardening and that one would think that one would be able to grow up a fine cannabis.

If you are set on growing your very own cannabis, one has to seriously take note of the following important reminders and guidelines in growing your very own cannabis. One should know that these steps may mean the survival or the downfall of your cannabis plants.

Helps tips for your pot survival:

It is a well known fact that your marijuana plant will not be able to survive or at least be in its good growing condition without the following essential elements. These elements will serve as the guide for every grower in being able to grow a good quality cannabis.

  • Light

Light is an essential element when it comes to growing cannabis. The reason for this is because light helps marijuana plants to grow. These cannabis plants, are by nature, more comfortable in tropical environments. Thus, if you plant to grow one, make sure that their environment should also be suitable for their growing survival.

  • Water

Most of the times, the sea of green growing has been considered one of the most effective growing methods. It is because cannabis also grow best with a suitable amount of water nutrients.

Now, given all these conditions, there are also some other important tips to remember. One of which is the knowledge of the grower on the pot. It is very crucial for growers to know when the right time to harvest is and when will the cannabis plants start to flower.

If you are also a serious grower, it is a very important guideline to consider the yield of the particular kind of cannabis that you will be growing. While it is true that the yield would vary from one marijuana plant to the other, it helps to make sure that one is aware of the yield capacity so that every grower would know the estimated yield one would be expecting when the flowering stage of your cannabis garden will arrive.

Now, once one would be able to follow all these instructions, it will be a sure fact that one can finally grow cannabis of great condition.

Growing Marijuana Seeds Ideas and Tips

Marijuana seeds can grow everywhere unlike any other types of plants but it can produce best in any indoor plots. It is ideal to plant the cannabis seeds in an indoor garden because the weed itself is illegal. Besides, indoor plots are placed privately in a specific part of your house so you have nothing to worry about. But, most importantly choose the best part of your house that provides a well-ventilated and a well-lighted room so you can attain a successful weed plantation. In addition, cannabis seeds can properly grow in a hydroponic system but this kind of method is optional. On the other hand, it can also grow in any indoor garden with a good yield but its production is difficult besides it can be seen by people and can easily be damaged by pests.

Aside from having a supply of pots, growing marijuana seeds can also give you tons of health benefits. Cannabis plants are great relievers for chronic pains and diseases. It can prevent nausea, stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, PSTD, back pains, arthritis, inflammation, sclerosis, and cancer. Moreover it can also prevent eye diseases such as Glaucoma because as you smoke pot, it increases pressure in your eyes. It also increases treatment in diseases like Alzheimer’s, Hepatitis C, and bowel diseases. In addition, it also improves your metabolism that makes you lose weight by decreasing your appetite.

Growing tips

You should think of growing marijuana seeds as your lifetime supply of medication. Make sure that you take the proper dosage of pot to avoid giving risks to your health. If you are determined to grow a weed plantation, make sure that you consider the cleanliness of your entire plantation. This is to make the best quality of marijuana plants in your storage and to prevent the possible devastation of plant pests and plant diseases. Aside from cleanliness, you need to consider the appropriate materials from the plant’s cultivation to its harvest season. This is to make sure that your cannabis plants are carefully planted and harvested.

After assuring the appropriate materials for the weed production, make sure that you provide the proper needs of your cannabis plants. It should contain enough amounts of nutrients, water, soils, light, and temperature. Do not forget to regularly maintain your marijuana plants so you can meet the expectations of its growth. Aside from maintenance, most importantly you need to have patience in sustaining the needs of your cannabis plants. It is because it will give you a successful marijuana plantationin the end.

Growing Marijuana Seeds – Easy Tips on How to Build Grow Boxes

Because of the technology we are having now in terms of growing cannabis, there are now better and more innovative ways for us to be able to grow your cannabis. One of the modes in which growers find it convenient is through the indoor growing. And since indoor growing is not subject to direct nutrients offered by nature, there should be much care and due innovation that should be done in order such mode of growing to be made possible.

There should be special materials and tools in order for indoor growing to be made possible. One of the many ways in which indoor growing can be facilitated is by growing cannabis through the use of a marijuana grow box. While it is true that a lot of people, even newbies for that matter would mistake this as one of those high technological gadget that may be quite complicated to operate. On the contrary actually, the marijuana grow box can be easily done and a person with less experience in construction may be able to create this in no time.

What to need:

One has to need the following materials. These are the following:

  • 4 pieces of 4 x 4 and 6 pieces of 2 x 2 OSB board or plywood of half an inch thickness. This will serve as the very structure of the grow box.
  • Lumber of 8 feet long
  • Small molding at estimated 8 feet.
  • Other items that may require such as fans, lighting or glass

When it comes to the tools that may be needed when building the marijuana grow box, one must require a power saw, drill, hand tools and other wood screws.

The first thing to do is to always ensure one’s protection as you may have to need to deal with delicate and complex tools that may be hazardous for your safety. In this case, it is always best to wear a protective eye wear.

Now, the next is to find out which kind of lighting that you will use in your grow box. In this case, one should require putting vent holes on the box. In fact, this is considered to be the most convenient way to supply the basic elements needed for the weed’s survival. After which, the wiring should take place. This may require you use sprinklers or hydroponics for the water essentials of your cannabis.

Growing marijuana seeds – indoors or outdoors?

A lot of people may be too confused as to deciding whether or not growing marijuana should be best done indoors or outdoors. Actually, most of the types of cannabis can both be grown indoors or outdoors. However, depending on your expertise and capacity, one should be very careful as to choosing which type of growing would you want to do for your cannabis plants.

On the other hand, there are also some kinds of pot that are most likely to survive and grow well on certain type of environment. Thus, it should also be of crucial importance that one must be able to determine what type of weed that would grow best in a particular environment as compared to other types of marijuana.

Indoor growing:

Indoor growing is preferable if you are living in a wet or humid climate. Most marijuana plants would be able to grow best in tropical conditions and if you allow them to grow outdoors, they might suffer from mold and mildew which is the common cause why most cannabis plants do not grow successfully. Now, indoor growing should require enough time and effort so as to continually monitor the growth of your pot.

Moreover, you need to have the right tools for them to grow well. For instance, you need to have proper lighting, water, drainage and all the necessary elements required for the survival of the cannabis plant.

Outdoor growing:

If you are already living in a tropical climate, your marijuana plant would grow best if you plant them outdoors. Here, you are practically allowing nature to take its normal course when it comes to nurturing plants in an external environment. Sure, you still need to monitor and watch over them. But this can only be done in a minimal way only as compared to indoor growing.

Outdoor growing can be also economical. It is because in indoor growing, you need to buy stuff that would suffice for the lighting nourishment of your plant. In outdoor growing, you basically need the sun for its survival. And the rays of the sun is free so you can let your plants wallow in the best sunlight all you want – for as long as you also give your weed enough water for its survival as well.

Indeed, both indoor and outdoor growing can work best for the survival of your plant. All you need is expertise and care for you plant.

Growing Marijuana Seeds—Factors You Need to Know

Marijuana seeds are best to plant in an indoor garden since it will give you risks if you plant it outside your home. Buying and selling pots are illegal and so is planting marijuana seeds outside. Thereforeit gives you every right to plant cannabis seeds inside your house because it is something you own and it’s private. Besides, weed growers mostly preferred growing marijuana seeds in indoor plots since it can yieldexcellent and quality plants. Anyone can plant cannabis seeds especially in indoors because it grows easy and fast. As long as there are enough amounts of nutrients, water, light, temperature, and soil in the area, the weed plantation is successful.

You don’t need any prior experience when growing a cannabis seed because all you need is an ample amount of soil, fertilizers, light, temperature, and water. You also need the proper maintenance for your plantation. Besides, you need to follow the basic steps in planting your cannabis seeds. It involves getting the seed of your choice, the appropriate materials for these seeds, and the right tools to cultivate and harvest it. Lastly, you need to be consistent in maintaining the needs of your marijuana seeds so you can succeed in the production of its entire plantation.

Factors in growing marijuana seeds

To have a successful weed plantation, you need to know the following elements in growing a cannabis plant. Make sure that you have all the appropriate soil, containers, fertilizers, light, temperature, water, and environment for your marijuana seeds. Soil is one of the most significant elements in growing a pot because you need to get the best and most appropriate type of soil for your chosen cannabis seeds. The best soil is determined if it drains easily, has a PH level of 6.5 to 7.5, and has the appropriate moisture and nutrients for your marijuana seeds. After choosing the best soil, make sure that you find a sterilized container to put the soil and seed into it. It should contain small holes so the water can properly drain outside the pot instead of drowning its seeds inside.

After placing it in the container, you need to provide a fertilizer in the soil so it can boost the entire growth of your weed plantation. Then, expose your cannabis plants in red or blue lights since it gives an effective growth. Moreover, ventilate the indoor garden from 68˚F to 78˚F during daylight while give it a temperature of 15˚C during night time. After that, you need to provide proper maintenance in watering your entire plantation to prevent it from wilting and in cleaning your indoor garden to prevent it from pest’s devastation.

Finding the Right Marijuana Seeds for Medical Purposes

All marijuana seeds are considered beneficial especially in the field of medicine. It is a great pain reliever and an excellent prevention for chronic diseases. Before growing a cannabis plant, make sure that you pick the most suitable weed to the kind of ailment that you have. Cannabis plants have two types of breeds, the sativa and indica strains. Indica strains provide a strong buzz effect to the user’s body. It makes every user fall asleep which makes it suitable to users who are experiencing body pains. It helps its user reduce from pain, inflammation, seizures, stress, nausea, and anxiety.

Since indica hybrids are pain relievers and relaxation drugs, it is better to take during nigh times while sativa hybrids are better to take during daytimes. Sativa hybrids contain high potency that gives a strong kick in every user’s body. This kind of hybrid is suitable for people in the field of business who needs to stay awake because they have loads of works to do. Each of these breeds provides its own type of cure and prevention to every user with a chronic disease. So before you plant a marijuana seed in your garden, make sure that you chose the most suitable weed that can help cure or prevent your disease.

Indica Strains

Some of the best known pots that you can plant in your garden are Blue Cheese marijuana strain, Blueberry marijuana strain, Granddaddy Purple marijuana strain, and Hash Plant marijuana strain. Blue Cheese cannabis strain has a blueberry and blue cheese aroma and taste that prevent its users from depression while Blueberry cannabis strain produces berry scent and aroma. This strain is a great stress reliever to most of its users. On the other hand, Granddaddy Purple cannabis strain is one of the famous indica breeds that provideberry taste and aroma. Aside from being an effective stress reliever, this strain is also an effective pain reliever. Lastly, Hash Plant cannabis strain produces a pungent scent and aroma that givesrelief to the pain of its users.

Sativa Strains

On the other hand, you can also plant sativa seeds in your garden and these seeds could be the Acapulco Gold cannabis strain, Amnesia Haze cannabis strain, Alaskan Thunder cannabis strain, and Hawaiian Haze cannabis strain. Acapulco Gold marijuana strain has a citrus flavor and scent that makes its users feel uplifted whileAmnesia Haze marijuana strain produces the same aroma and taste that makes its users feel happy afterwards. On the other hand, Alaskan Thundermarijuana strain produces a sweet flavor and scent that makes its users feeleuphoric while Hawaiian Haze marijuana strain produces tropical scent and flavor that makes its user feel energetic afterwards.

Facts and Myths on Growing Marijuana Seeds

Growing marijuana seeds may be illegal but you won’t get caught if you plant it safely and properly. Besides, planting cannabis seeds will give your lifetime supplyof weeds since it is planted in your indoor plot. Marijuana seeds produce plants that give tons of health benefits to its users. Before you plan to grow cannabis seeds, make sure that you know some facts and myths about the plant.

Facts about weeds

Most plant growers preferred growing feminized marijuana plants because it only produces female plants that are good for the production of weeds. Weeds are used in smoking, in food preparation, and in medical purposes. It contains high potency level that varies depending on the type of cannabis seeds you plant. The plant’s potency level gives a strong effect in the user’s body that makes it effective in the field of medicine. It was believed that weeds can grow in any indoor or outdoor places but it can grow best in any indoor plots especially in hydroponics.

Moreover,Aquaponics is a type of hydro system that requires marijuana seeds to grow in fish wastes. It is because fish wastes contain nitrogen that is especially needed to the growth of weeds.During its plantation, human urine can be used as an effective fertilizer because it contains ample amount of nitrogen that weeds need for its development. On the other hand, fish wastes and human urine can be used optionally because marijuana seeds can grow even without both of these things. In hydroponics, you can mix nutrient solutions in the water. These nutrient solutions include nutrients that human urine and fish wastes have for the proper growth of weeds.

Myths about pots

Furthermore, some says that users who smoke pots feel absolutely high to the point that theyexperienced memory loss but it is not scientifically proven that it provides memory loss. Perhaps it only gives a short term memory to the users who are under the influence of pot. Besides, some says that pots can damage the person’s brain but cannabis plants don’t have toxins that could kill your brain cells. In addition, there are other beliefs that smoking pots can change your hormones but there is no scientific data to support it. The truth is that pots can change your sex hormones if you combined it with alcoholic drinks. Moreover, some users say that pots are just like cigarettes but it is not true because cigarettes contain higher dosage of carbon monoxide and tar than pots.

Essential tips on how to grow healthy marijuana

Growing marijuana can be a very easy task especially if you know the basics of weed cultivation and maintenance. There are several cannabis strains that can be grown in both indoor and outdoor setup. Before you start growing pot whether for personal use or for distribution, make sure that you find a reputable seed seller first so you can choose which type of strain is best for your setup. Once you have established that important aspect, your next step is to determine which area is best for weed cultivation.

Growing cannabis indoors

Here are some tips on how to grow pot indoors successfully:

To grow weed indoors whether inside the house or in a shed, make sure that you set ample space for the plant to grow. This is very important since the plant may reach a certain level and it is best to avoid getting the plant cramped since its growth may get stunted. Choose an area where it is properly ventilated or perhaps a shed which do not have plenty of windows. Get the best soil for the weed to properly germinate and make sure that you use the right pot so that the plants will grow well. Make sure that you do not over water your weeds. This is a common misconception but too much water can actually kill the young marijuana plant. You may also need a good set of fluorescent lamps for the weed and you can also add filters to ensure a good yield.

Growing cannabis outdoors

The primary concern when growing marijuana outdoors are the usual elements that may cause harm to the plant. The cannabis plant can be exposed to harsher elements such as rough weather and pests that can cause a lot of problems. To make sure that your marijuana plants will produce a good yield when planted outdoors, always utilize practical techniques such as growing other plants for camouflage. Find a secluded area where you can grow the marijuana plants in peace. You also need to choose the type of cannabis strain that is hardy and are resistant to pests. You can ask your seed dealer for recommendations and as well as outdoor growing tips.

The most helpful tip in making sure that you will produce a high quality yield is to always harvest on time. Be patient and wait until half of the pistils have already turned brown which is a good indication that the plant is already matured and ready for harvest.

Easy Ways in Building a Grow Room for Marijuana Seeds

Whether you have a regular, feminized, or auto flowering marijuana seeds, the cultivation methods are still the same. The best and most preferred method in growing cannabis seeds is under any indoor garden. This is because indoor plots are safe and provides lots of benefits to your weed plantation. Your cannabis seeds can grow in any type of soil. Besides, it allows your plant to grow in a well-controlled environment and temperature. This is to prevent the infestation of pests in your marijuana plants and to produce an excellent quality yield. So, before you create a grow room inside your house, make sure that the place you selected is well lighted and ventilated besides it should have the appropriate space so it could successfully grow.

Well lighted and ventilated room

Before building a grow room for your marijuana plants, you need to choose a room that gives an ample amount of light. It is because a cannabis plant needs a 12 hour exposure on sunlight and a 12 hour exposure on darkness. To get the proper exposure, you should tape every corners of the room where the light might go through and where an excess amount of light might pass. Most importantly, never forget to check if the grow room has electrical appliances because it may add problems during its darkness exposure. Besides, a well-lighted room will keep your weed plantation in a good cultivation and in an excellent yield.

Moreover, a well-ventilated room is also important to check in a grow room. It is necessary especially during the production of the buds because a well-ventilated room will produce exquisite buds during its blooming season. Besides, you need a grow room that provides a humid weather condition. In order for the temperature to be constant all the time, you need to buy an exhaust fan or a thermostat. If you want to set the room more to its humid condition, you can buy an air humidifier but it is not necessary. The three equipment, exhaust fan, thermostat, and air humidifier will make your cannabis plants healthier and stronger especially during its yield.

Appropriate space

After you checked the room for its light and ventilation, you can now start to build the grow room. But first, make sure that the size of the grow room is suitable to the size of the chosen room. Besides, it should utilize the amount of light and air in the room. It is because the amount that the marijuana plants get is the result of its pot production. Lastly, if you want to have a successful weed plantation, maintain your grow room from cleanliness so it can stay away from pests and plant diseases.

Choosing the right marijuana seeds for growing

Each seed possess different characteristics

Each strain that you smoked has varying effect to you. Some can give you cerebral high with a hint of satisfying lift while some strain will put you to sleep for a long time like you have never slept before or for short in a couch-lock state. Aside from these effects, each strain also possesses different medicinal benefits. So, if you are into growing marijuana, first consideration that you should take note is about the choice of seeds that you prefer to grow. You must have careful understanding about the expected result when you grow that strain.

How to choose the right seeds to grow?

Several factors affect your choices. You have to understand and weigh what you want to grow. You might even be confused about what you intend to include in your pot. So here is what you need to remember.

  • Know your expertise – Have you already tried growing weed before? If yes, how long have you been doing it? Can you consider yourself an expert already? You need to know this because some seeds do not have the same requirement for growing. Some seeds can grow easily under any conditions while some seeds need to be given proper attention and it requires the expertise of the grower. You have to take note that some seeds are easy to grow while others are the exact opposite.
  • Choosing the category – You can do some research about the two major categories of cannabis strains. It can be indica or sativa and it can be both. You have to understand each category for you to have a better choice. Remember that each of them displays varied characteristics too. So, you have to allocate some time knowing it first.
  • Identify the growing site that you have – Every seed grows in different conditions. You should know what type of soil you have. You also need to identify whether the site that you have allotted for it suits to its characteristics because some seeds grow best in an outdoor environment while some grows well indoors.

In order to expect for greater harvest, you should see to it that things are well considered beforehand because your choices can greatly affect the results that you get. Make careful consideration before you actually decide planting the seeds that you have chosen. Be very meticulous on the seeds that you will include in your garden.