Why Should You Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

You cannot get stoned or high with male cannabis; it’d be like smoking your garden fern or lawn grass; it won’t work. This is why most packets for growing weed only contain female or feminized seeds. You don’t need the male seeds, especially if the main reason you’re buying pot is to get high rather than breed your own strain of marijuana. For the breeders and seed producers out there, seed production with an all-female lineup of weed either entails getting some males in the bunch and let nature take its course through traditional fertilization, or inducing rodelization. When a female is nearing the end of its life without being fertilized or if it’s stressed (or both), it will grow pollen sacs of its own and fertilize itself and the females around it; forcing this effect is called rodelization.

Why Buy Feminized Seeds If You’re not a Breeder?

  • If you’re not a breeder but instead a grower of marijuana, you likely don’t care about whether or not your stash of weed, grass, or hash will be able to produce seeds or not. Even so, it’s more beneficial for you to get female or feminized seed strains instead of male strains because, as already established, you can only get high with female plants. Furthermore, unfertilized female plants have particularly high amounts of THC (the main ingredient for those mind-altering, uplifting, and stimulating highs).
  • Even if your main goal is to get as high or stoned as possible with the Sea of Grass or Screen of Grass full of weed in your backyard or greenhouse, only buying female plants will give you premium-grade hash. As a bonus, once your grown stash ends their life cycle, they might rodelize and self-pollinate themselves with hermaphroditic pollen sacs, thus you might end up with seeds of the same strain without having to buy new seeds online. It’s win-win. However, sometimes due to a number of factors, rodelization won’t occur.
  • If you want to truly induce seed production before your weed dies (and sometimes it will die without ever self-pollinating or even producing its own pollen sacs), you have two options. Buy some male plants (they’re relatively cheap since they don’t produce highs) to fertilize your females, or put colloidal silver into their water to stress them out enough to make them “mutate’ into hermaphrodites that can self-reproduce seeds through their own pollen sacs. Regardless, it’s clear that it’s the female plants instead of the males that truly call the shots in the world of marijuana and getting high.

Where to Buy Marijuana Online?

If you are at a loss as to finding out which is the best website that you can buy your marijuana from, one should know that this is practically the simplest question ever when it comes to looking for your cannabis seeds when shopping. Indeed, the online facility for shopping cannabis seeds has already provided the most convenient and the highly effective means for you to have your own weed without getting through all the hassles and all the trouble.

Especially if you are living in another country in which growing cannabis is a taboo, your savior would have to be your internet connection. Indeed, all it just takes is a matter of searching for a viable site in which you can buy your marijuana seeds from. But of course, it is not as easy as you think. If need be, one has to practice careful thought and deliberation before one would really intend to buy them online.

The best avenues for online weed buying:

If you do a simple Google search as to where you can buy your marijuana seeds from, the options are endless as you will be provided with a vast list of websites wherein you can buy your marijuana. But then, this is just your initial search. Checking the legality and the validity of each of these sites would indeed take time and effort.

Thus in order to cut this whole process short, to be able to know where to buy marijuana online is to be able to know the right keywords to be typed so that you will be led to a new search query result that you consider to be the most useful.

For instance, you can use the phrases or keywords “popular sites to buy marijuana” and you will be directed to the list of popular websites where you can buy your cannabis from. And from there, one has to check the customer reviews if they have more raves than rants.

If you notice that most of the testimonials are in the negative side, then it is best that you steer clear from such site. However, if there are a lot of praises and good reviews, then these are the list of the sites in which you can start to carefully scrutinize them.

Surely, you would have to end up to a couple of valid and reliable sites that you can buy your marijuana from.

Where to Buy 100 % Feminized Marijuana Seeds

You can buy 100% feminize marijuana seeds from overseas and local cannabis seed companies online. You can also get a dealer to get you hooked up with a dealer of sorts. Some have shops of their own complete with drug paraphernalia (like bongs, pipes, and joints as well as different weed variants that are ready for smoking), while others offer their stash on a person to person basis. However, be careful if weed is illegal in your country, city, or state. You might end up with illicit drug dealers who use marijuana as a gateway drug for the really hard stuff, like cocaine and meth. It’s also a bit of a “crapshoot” to depend on foreign weed dealers, especially the low-tech ones who still provide mixed-bag seed packets full of male and female seeds.

The Issues of Depending on Regular Strains

  • Your best bet when it comes to availing offeminized pot seeds is to go for local online dealers that have quality standards when it comes to the look of their website, their inventory of weed strains, and the availability of feminized cannabis seeds. If you really have to import hash, then do so with well-reviewed sites instead of those who appear like dealers from the Eighties with outdated drug dealing practices (e.g., they have packets full of male and female seeds, and you have to pick which is which).
  • Here are a few warnings, though. Even though a site says you’ve gotten feminized seeds produces by hermaphroditic breeding, it doesn’t necessarily follow that when you get seeds from them once they do fertilize, you’ll acquire only female seeds. Perhaps you opted to produce seeds through traditional fertilization practices (i.e., with the help of a male plant pollinating the female plant). Otherwise, you didn’t really get a feminized seed and the dealer probably lied to you.
  • Even hermaphroditic female clone seeds can produce male seeds as long as they reproduce through the traditional “natural” method, with the help of male plants pollinating female plants. Male weed reach sexual maturity about 2 weeks earlier than female plants, so if you want grow seeds the traditional method you should take note of when the male marijuana reaches full manly growth.
  • These male cannabis plants will have pollen sac buds full of a fine, sticky substance mainly used for reproduction purposes. If all you have are feminized seeds and you’re interested in breeding without the use of male weed, then you should look up rodelization, which is when an all-female group of marijuana will have certain plants produce male pollen sacs in order to fertilize themselves and all those around them when they’re about to enter the end of their lifecycle.

What You Need To Know Before Buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Before buying feminized marijuana seeds, you should be made aware of the following. First off, you can buy it off the Internet through ordering them e-commerce style (that is, by online shopping a la what you do in Amazon.com). Second, you can buy them through a store, but those are harder to come by depending on your location. Some states, cities, and/or countries deem marijuana to be illegal, including the act of growing it. Therefore, you should check with local laws regarding the legality of the weed before finding stores that sell them or buying them. Some are only available in black markets and back alleys. Others are provided to you in honest-to-goodness shops that also sell joints, brownies, and bongs. Still others are found in coffeehouses (i.e., they have weed that’s so legal you can purchase them with a mocha latte).

Prescription Marijuana and Other Cannabis Types

  • If you live in a place where you can only grow or buy pot that’s medicinal, then your doctor himself should be able to hook you up on some sweet deals and dealerships that offer high-grade feminized marijuana. It’s the legal way to obtain marijuana aside from buying it directly from your doctor or a pharmacy company. Your best bet, though, is to buy weed through the Information Superhighway. They even have complete catalogs detailing how to grow the seeds and what their effects are.
  • Now here’s a little background regarding feminization of marijuana seeds. Feminized seeds are essentially female clones bred so that every packet you have will contain seeds that will produce usable plants. Back in the day, seed packets are a mixed bag. You used to have to separate the male seeds (which produce male plants that have zero effect on you when smoked via a joint or a bong) from the female seeds. Some packets might only contain one female seed. Most aren’t even autoflowering, which means you have to expose the plant to a set number of hours in sunlight before you can induce flowering or maturity.
  • It was only after marijuana seeds were feminized through hermaphroditic breeding and female clones that every packet you received was full of female seeds. Some are even of the autoflowering variety. There are also multiple types of strains out there to watch out for. There’s the Skunk strains that smell like skunk but that pungency come with the strongest of stones. Then there’s the fruit strain hybrids named after different fruits exactly because of their flavor, smell, and general sweetness.

Understanding the effects before buying marijuana online

Growing marijuana has become one of the favourite hobbies of people specially those that are cannabis smokers. They have greatly seen the advantage when they plant their own strain. Aside from the big savings that they can get from it, it can really help them towards making sure that their supply won’t reach up to zero. There are many ways on how one they can supply their needs on marijuana. One can opt to purchase it online but before doing so, one should understand the effect that it can give them in return.

Positive effects of purchasing weed online

  • Conveniently easy – Save your time from going all the way to your local weed supplier. Through the online methods, you will be able to find what you want to find with ease. Select the seeds that you want to grow without having the difficulty of finding it.
  • Hassle-free – As a smoker, you might sometimes feel that it so much hassle for you to purchase it personally. When you will not take advantage of online methods, it will be very difficult. See what it can offer. You will never experience it not until you will try it.
  • Come across discounts – Discounts are given to lucky customers. If you are fortunate enough then you will surely be one of those who have earned big savings from sites that offer some promotional activities to their customers.
  • Home delivery – You don’t need to go out and bring your desired seed directly to your home. With online purchases, you just have to wait for it to arrive at your doors. But bear in mind that the length of days vary depending upon where you are situated. So, just be patient. Remember that it still have to be shipped.

Understanding the risk

Risks are everywhere. In any online purchase that you made, you should have known that it can be risky. Therefore, knowledge about this should have pushed you to address this one in order not to be victimized by fake sites. Never sacrifice your desire to get high. Just follow the basic standard operating procedures that you should observe in order to keep yourself away from trouble. Some of these is by knowing whether marijuana is considered legal in your country or whether you are already at the right age for it. By making sure that you follow certain standards, you will be sure that you can refrain from putting yourself into trouble.

Top 3 Tips When Purchasing Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The feminization of marijuana seeds isn’t something that’s new. It’s done through a process known in slang as “Breeding with Herman” and technically known as “hermaphroditic breeding”. Back in the Seventies and Eighties, it was often the case that the seeds you got came from a bag of good cannabis. The bag usually had mysterious parentage. The female ones produce a great pot smoke, sure, but you had no idea of her genetics, yield, shape, and size. The involved male was a total mystery, like a sperm donor of sorts. The pollen donor’s genetics might as well be taken from the marijuana version of a bag of mixed nuts. Therefore, Eighties-tier marijuana growing was literally a mixed bag of plant genetics, which made one believe that a whole host of males were present while the female propagated.

The Top Three Purchasing Tips

  1. Buy Online: If you have to buy offline, you might as well get a dealer that you know or has been recommended to you. Someone who isn’t shady and won’t end up giving you even stronger drugs aside from weed is preferable. In other words, someone who’s legit. On the other hand, many people prefer the online route because it’s safe, anonymous, relatively easy to use, plus the chances of back alley meetings are cut down by 100%, since weed for good or for ill is considered and treated an illicit drug in many parts of the country.
  1. Get Strain Specifics from the Site Catalog: You have the option to know more about the feminized seeds that you’re buying through a hefty catalog that, at the very least, shows the CBD (relaxing stone) and THC (psychoactive) levels of every strain or if they’re mostly Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis as well as their flowering time, the best month for growing them, expected yield, whether they’re best grown indoors or outdoors, and many other details you wouldn’t otherwise know about.
  1. Do Extra Research on How to Grow Your Seeds: Did you know that feminized cannabis seeds are incredibly popular because only female plants can assist you in getting high, so if you’re going to propagate seeds, you might as well get mostly feminized pot that are easily accessible for rolling up a joint or smoking through a bong for recreational or medicinal purposes. In short, the male plants are mostly worthless to you. That’s just the surface of what you need to know about feminized seed buying, so make good use of Google to find out more.

Tips to consider when buying marijuana

In a world where things are being powered by technology, you can easily buy something through the use of the internet. Even when it comes to buying weed, you can still have it through purchasing it on the internet. But before you do so, you have to consider checking if it is allowed in your country. It remains a fact the not all country have approved the legality of marijuana. If you do not want to get yourself into trouble, then you have to purchase for it at your own risk. If you will not be careful, you might put yourself behind bars. So, brace yourself and never let these things happen to you.

Understand the risk

You have to comprehend what purchasing cannabis online can give you. You need to have a thorough understanding about it if you want to purchase cannabis seeds that with safety. Purchasing products online is a lot of risk especially for beginners like you. You are prone to exposing yourself to a lot of danger especially when you are not sure whether the site where you are purchasing from is trusted or not.

Research on the type of seed that you will buy

There are many types of seed available in the market today. The variety of choices that is offered to you will make it difficult to make your choice. If only you have lots of money, then choosing it will not be that difficult because you can just have a little of everything. But if you don’t have that much money, then you have to be sure that the cannabis seed that you want to include in your pot is what you need. It is very difficult to choose especially when the choices that you have can give almost the same effect that is satisfaction that you can never find on some of your other habits. If your funds is only limited, then you have to consider what you want to buy. Be certain about your choices when growing cannabis strain is one of your goals.

Always make sure of your safety

Be sure that you will only divulge information to sites that you are certain to be legit. In as much as possible, you can use alternative email in making your purchase. You have to refrain from using your business mail to avoid exposure to added risk just in case.

Things to Consider on How to Buy Female Marijuana Seeds

Here are the things for you to consider when it comes to buying female marijuana seeds. First, you should go for online shopping. Ecommerce is the best method for cannabis purchase because it’s a clean, efficient, easily to deal with, and no-questions-asked kind of drug dealership. All you need to do is click the strain you want to avail of (provided that it’s not sold out), order the amount you want, enter your billing details, pick your payment method, and have the marijuana shipped to your locality. Hopefully, cannabis is legal from where you come from, or else the site you’ve patronized won’t deliver to your area. You should also be more discerning when it comes to the pot site you buy from, especially if you’re importing the weed from another country.

Importation Debacles and Other Issues to Consider

  • Some terrible overseas marijuana seed distribution sites might even give you a crapshoot of seed packets, with products that have yet to mature properly or seeds that are mostly male and barely female (female plants are the only plants you can get high with). To avoid ending up being cheated on, only patronize sites that are either recommended to you by people you trust or have the highest praise and reviews by cannabis connoisseurs.
  • If your only goal is growing your own collection of marijuana, then all-female seed packs full of feminized seed clones is all you’ll ever need. Producing your own stash of marijuana for later consumption is all fine and dandy, plus unfertilized (sinsemilla) pot of the female variety (the only weed you can smoke and get high with are female anyway) usually have high THC content particularly because they’re
  • To be more specific, if your only goal for growing cannabis seeds is to smoke them later with hopes that they’ll produce high yields when you do a particularly good job, then go for feminized seeds. However, if you wish to have a renewable marijuana resource filled with a new collection of seeds after every harvest, you need to do one of two things with your female cloned cannabis. You can either get male plants to pollinate and fertilize them or induce rodelization.

Rodelization happens (especially to seeds produced by rodelization since there’s already a genetic precedent) whenever asinsemilla weed is about to die or is stressed. It’s like a genetic prerogative or instinct to preserve the species. To be more specific, certain female plants will actually become hermaphroditic and produce pollen in order to self-fertilize or fertilize the female cannabis plants around it.

The Positive Effects of Buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized autoflowering strains are altered strains by default. Sure, dealers been breeding and crossbreeding hash or weed since forever, but breeders have gone to the next level by getting rid of the issue of excessive amounts of male seeds in seed packets (male plants don’t produce highs, only female plants can do that). Feminization is done through what’s known as hermaphroditic breeding or “Breeding with Herman”, which essentially produces female seed clones that don’t, in turn, create male flowers when you plant and propagate them, thus removing the need for removing the worthless seeds from the worthwhile ones. Having an abundance of female clones in every packet is beneficial to both amateur and professional growers of marijuana because it’s more efficient to get all-female seeds than mixed genders, requiring you to weed out the chafe from the wheat, so to speak.

Positive Effects and Benefits

  • When purchasing feminized marijuana seeds online or offline (through a dealer or a shop), it’s important to remember that these are seeds capable of reproducing by themselves even though they’re all female. You don’t have to breed seeds yourself from the seeds that you’ve bought. You can be perfectly comfortable growing a “Sea of Green” plot full of female cannabis hybrids without having to induce them to spawn and create seeds. Instead, they’re there exclusively for harvesting and smoking purposes—the main reason why you bought them in the first place.
  • In turn, on that note, if you wish to make your own seeds rather than purchase packets every time, you can also do that too. The “catch” to this, of course, is more work and extra hours (or days) of cultivation, meaning you’ll do much more than just harvest your plot every time it’s flowering time. The feminized seed clones can, by themselves, produce pollen that could fertilize flowers and create seeds in true hermaphroditic breeding fashion. They’re distributed either by Internet dealers or actual shops that also sell joints, leaves, or bongs.
  • The main (and most obvious) benefit of breeding feminized seeds is the fact that every last plant you’ll get is female and usable for relaxing couch-lock stones or uplifting, imagination-inducing highs. Whether you’re depressed or in pain (perhaps you’re even suffering from insomnia or even writer’s block), there’s a feminized, autoflowering strain you can use. Just click on the shopping carts or baskets of online dealers or go to the nearest shops selling seeds as recommended by your doctor or friends. You can pay for these seeds by COD, credit card, or check.

The benefits of buying in online marijuana shops

Are you having a very tight schedule? Do you have insufficient time to go shopping for your favourite marijuana seeds? Are you so excited to start growing your weed garden and yet you don’t have enough time for purchasing the seeds that you need to use for it? Worry no more because there are things that you can do for it. You do not need to prolong your agony. You can easily turn to newest methods employed by marijuana sellers. You will not have a hard time trying to identify what you need to do as this approach has been widely used. Utilize the internet if you wanted to make transactions faster. You can benefit if you would rather purchase marijuana online to start your pot.

Save your time

Aside from driving to the marijuana dispensary, you can take advantage of the online sites that venture on business by selling cannabis seeds. It will be easy for you to browse through a certain site and have your order placed after choosing the seed that you want.


Imagine the convenience that it can give. You will just find a trusted site, make necessary reviews to make sure that it is legit and once you found out that it can be trusted, you start looking at each page and begin checking the products that they are offering and then once you are fully decided, you can place your order and then immediately pay for it. You just have to wait for it to be delivered at your house in a number of days depending upon the location of your house.

Get similar products like you have purchased it personally

You will not have less from it. If you are not sure about what that weed can give you, you can seek reference from the description that they are giving. Everything is well provided there so you won’t have the difficulty to make your choice. In fact, there is detailed description on it too. All the things that you need to know from it is provided.

Earn discounts

Some sites as part of their promotional activities are offering big discounts to their customers especially for new ones. This is one way for them to take hold of these customers. If you are lucky enough, you can make big savings on your purchase. There are even sites that give additional seed for every seed package that you purchase.