Why Should You Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

You cannot get stoned or high with male cannabis; it’d be like smoking your garden fern or lawn grass; it won’t work. This is why most packets for growing weed only contain female or feminized seeds. You don’t need the male seeds, especially if the main reason you’re buying pot is to get high rather than breed your own strain of marijuana. For the breeders and seed producers out there, seed production with an all-female lineup of weed either entails getting some males in the bunch and let nature take its course through traditional fertilization, or inducing rodelization. When a female is nearing the end of its life without being fertilized or if it’s stressed (or both), it will grow pollen sacs of its own and fertilize itself and the females around it; forcing this effect is called rodelization.

Why Buy Feminized Seeds If You’re not a Breeder?

  • If you’re not a breeder but instead a grower of marijuana, you likely don’t care about whether or not your stash of weed, grass, or hash will be able to produce seeds or not. Even so, it’s more beneficial for you to get female or feminized seed strains instead of male strains because, as already established, you can only get high with female plants. Furthermore, unfertilized female plants have particularly high amounts of THC (the main ingredient for those mind-altering, uplifting, and stimulating highs).
  • Even if your main goal is to get as high or stoned as possible with the Sea of Grass or Screen of Grass full of weed in your backyard or greenhouse, only buying female plants will give you premium-grade hash. As a bonus, once your grown stash ends their life cycle, they might rodelize and self-pollinate themselves with hermaphroditic pollen sacs, thus you might end up with seeds of the same strain without having to buy new seeds online. It’s win-win. However, sometimes due to a number of factors, rodelization won’t occur.
  • If you want to truly induce seed production before your weed dies (and sometimes it will die without ever self-pollinating or even producing its own pollen sacs), you have two options. Buy some male plants (they’re relatively cheap since they don’t produce highs) to fertilize your females, or put colloidal silver into their water to stress them out enough to make them “mutate’ into hermaphrodites that can self-reproduce seeds through their own pollen sacs. Regardless, it’s clear that it’s the female plants instead of the males that truly call the shots in the world of marijuana and getting high.

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