Where to Buy 100 % Feminized Marijuana Seeds

You can buy 100% feminize marijuana seeds from overseas and local cannabis seed companies online. You can also get a dealer to get you hooked up with a dealer of sorts. Some have shops of their own complete with drug paraphernalia (like bongs, pipes, and joints as well as different weed variants that are ready for smoking), while others offer their stash on a person to person basis. However, be careful if weed is illegal in your country, city, or state. You might end up with illicit drug dealers who use marijuana as a gateway drug for the really hard stuff, like cocaine and meth. It’s also a bit of a “crapshoot” to depend on foreign weed dealers, especially the low-tech ones who still provide mixed-bag seed packets full of male and female seeds.

The Issues of Depending on Regular Strains

  • Your best bet when it comes to availing offeminized pot seeds is to go for local online dealers that have quality standards when it comes to the look of their website, their inventory of weed strains, and the availability of feminized cannabis seeds. If you really have to import hash, then do so with well-reviewed sites instead of those who appear like dealers from the Eighties with outdated drug dealing practices (e.g., they have packets full of male and female seeds, and you have to pick which is which).
  • Here are a few warnings, though. Even though a site says you’ve gotten feminized seeds produces by hermaphroditic breeding, it doesn’t necessarily follow that when you get seeds from them once they do fertilize, you’ll acquire only female seeds. Perhaps you opted to produce seeds through traditional fertilization practices (i.e., with the help of a male plant pollinating the female plant). Otherwise, you didn’t really get a feminized seed and the dealer probably lied to you.
  • Even hermaphroditic female clone seeds can produce male seeds as long as they reproduce through the traditional “natural” method, with the help of male plants pollinating female plants. Male weed reach sexual maturity about 2 weeks earlier than female plants, so if you want grow seeds the traditional method you should take note of when the male marijuana reaches full manly growth.
  • These male cannabis plants will have pollen sac buds full of a fine, sticky substance mainly used for reproduction purposes. If all you have are feminized seeds and you’re interested in breeding without the use of male weed, then you should look up rodelization, which is when an all-female group of marijuana will have certain plants produce male pollen sacs in order to fertilize themselves and all those around them when they’re about to enter the end of their lifecycle.

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