What You Need To Know Before Buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Before buying feminized marijuana seeds, you should be made aware of the following. First off, you can buy it off the Internet through ordering them e-commerce style (that is, by online shopping a la what you do in Amazon.com). Second, you can buy them through a store, but those are harder to come by depending on your location. Some states, cities, and/or countries deem marijuana to be illegal, including the act of growing it. Therefore, you should check with local laws regarding the legality of the weed before finding stores that sell them or buying them. Some are only available in black markets and back alleys. Others are provided to you in honest-to-goodness shops that also sell joints, brownies, and bongs. Still others are found in coffeehouses (i.e., they have weed that’s so legal you can purchase them with a mocha latte).

Prescription Marijuana and Other Cannabis Types

  • If you live in a place where you can only grow or buy pot that’s medicinal, then your doctor himself should be able to hook you up on some sweet deals and dealerships that offer high-grade feminized marijuana. It’s the legal way to obtain marijuana aside from buying it directly from your doctor or a pharmacy company. Your best bet, though, is to buy weed through the Information Superhighway. They even have complete catalogs detailing how to grow the seeds and what their effects are.
  • Now here’s a little background regarding feminization of marijuana seeds. Feminized seeds are essentially female clones bred so that every packet you have will contain seeds that will produce usable plants. Back in the day, seed packets are a mixed bag. You used to have to separate the male seeds (which produce male plants that have zero effect on you when smoked via a joint or a bong) from the female seeds. Some packets might only contain one female seed. Most aren’t even autoflowering, which means you have to expose the plant to a set number of hours in sunlight before you can induce flowering or maturity.
  • It was only after marijuana seeds were feminized through hermaphroditic breeding and female clones that every packet you received was full of female seeds. Some are even of the autoflowering variety. There are also multiple types of strains out there to watch out for. There’s the Skunk strains that smell like skunk but that pungency come with the strongest of stones. Then there’s the fruit strain hybrids named after different fruits exactly because of their flavor, smell, and general sweetness.

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