Top 3 Tips When Purchasing Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The feminization of marijuana seeds isn’t something that’s new. It’s done through a process known in slang as “Breeding with Herman” and technically known as “hermaphroditic breeding”. Back in the Seventies and Eighties, it was often the case that the seeds you got came from a bag of good cannabis. The bag usually had mysterious parentage. The female ones produce a great pot smoke, sure, but you had no idea of her genetics, yield, shape, and size. The involved male was a total mystery, like a sperm donor of sorts. The pollen donor’s genetics might as well be taken from the marijuana version of a bag of mixed nuts. Therefore, Eighties-tier marijuana growing was literally a mixed bag of plant genetics, which made one believe that a whole host of males were present while the female propagated.

The Top Three Purchasing Tips

  1. Buy Online: If you have to buy offline, you might as well get a dealer that you know or has been recommended to you. Someone who isn’t shady and won’t end up giving you even stronger drugs aside from weed is preferable. In other words, someone who’s legit. On the other hand, many people prefer the online route because it’s safe, anonymous, relatively easy to use, plus the chances of back alley meetings are cut down by 100%, since weed for good or for ill is considered and treated an illicit drug in many parts of the country.
  1. Get Strain Specifics from the Site Catalog: You have the option to know more about the feminized seeds that you’re buying through a hefty catalog that, at the very least, shows the CBD (relaxing stone) and THC (psychoactive) levels of every strain or if they’re mostly Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis as well as their flowering time, the best month for growing them, expected yield, whether they’re best grown indoors or outdoors, and many other details you wouldn’t otherwise know about.
  1. Do Extra Research on How to Grow Your Seeds: Did you know that feminized cannabis seeds are incredibly popular because only female plants can assist you in getting high, so if you’re going to propagate seeds, you might as well get mostly feminized pot that are easily accessible for rolling up a joint or smoking through a bong for recreational or medicinal purposes. In short, the male plants are mostly worthless to you. That’s just the surface of what you need to know about feminized seed buying, so make good use of Google to find out more.

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