Things to Consider on How to Buy Female Marijuana Seeds

Here are the things for you to consider when it comes to buying female marijuana seeds. First, you should go for online shopping. Ecommerce is the best method for cannabis purchase because it’s a clean, efficient, easily to deal with, and no-questions-asked kind of drug dealership. All you need to do is click the strain you want to avail of (provided that it’s not sold out), order the amount you want, enter your billing details, pick your payment method, and have the marijuana shipped to your locality. Hopefully, cannabis is legal from where you come from, or else the site you’ve patronized won’t deliver to your area. You should also be more discerning when it comes to the pot site you buy from, especially if you’re importing the weed from another country.

Importation Debacles and Other Issues to Consider

  • Some terrible overseas marijuana seed distribution sites might even give you a crapshoot of seed packets, with products that have yet to mature properly or seeds that are mostly male and barely female (female plants are the only plants you can get high with). To avoid ending up being cheated on, only patronize sites that are either recommended to you by people you trust or have the highest praise and reviews by cannabis connoisseurs.
  • If your only goal is growing your own collection of marijuana, then all-female seed packs full of feminized seed clones is all you’ll ever need. Producing your own stash of marijuana for later consumption is all fine and dandy, plus unfertilized (sinsemilla) pot of the female variety (the only weed you can smoke and get high with are female anyway) usually have high THC content particularly because they’re
  • To be more specific, if your only goal for growing cannabis seeds is to smoke them later with hopes that they’ll produce high yields when you do a particularly good job, then go for feminized seeds. However, if you wish to have a renewable marijuana resource filled with a new collection of seeds after every harvest, you need to do one of two things with your female cloned cannabis. You can either get male plants to pollinate and fertilize them or induce rodelization.

Rodelization happens (especially to seeds produced by rodelization since there’s already a genetic precedent) whenever asinsemilla weed is about to die or is stressed. It’s like a genetic prerogative or instinct to preserve the species. To be more specific, certain female plants will actually become hermaphroditic and produce pollen in order to self-fertilize or fertilize the female cannabis plants around it.

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