The Positive Effects of Buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized autoflowering strains are altered strains by default. Sure, dealers been breeding and crossbreeding hash or weed since forever, but breeders have gone to the next level by getting rid of the issue of excessive amounts of male seeds in seed packets (male plants don’t produce highs, only female plants can do that). Feminization is done through what’s known as hermaphroditic breeding or “Breeding with Herman”, which essentially produces female seed clones that don’t, in turn, create male flowers when you plant and propagate them, thus removing the need for removing the worthless seeds from the worthwhile ones. Having an abundance of female clones in every packet is beneficial to both amateur and professional growers of marijuana because it’s more efficient to get all-female seeds than mixed genders, requiring you to weed out the chafe from the wheat, so to speak.

Positive Effects and Benefits

  • When purchasing feminized marijuana seeds online or offline (through a dealer or a shop), it’s important to remember that these are seeds capable of reproducing by themselves even though they’re all female. You don’t have to breed seeds yourself from the seeds that you’ve bought. You can be perfectly comfortable growing a “Sea of Green” plot full of female cannabis hybrids without having to induce them to spawn and create seeds. Instead, they’re there exclusively for harvesting and smoking purposes—the main reason why you bought them in the first place.
  • In turn, on that note, if you wish to make your own seeds rather than purchase packets every time, you can also do that too. The “catch” to this, of course, is more work and extra hours (or days) of cultivation, meaning you’ll do much more than just harvest your plot every time it’s flowering time. The feminized seed clones can, by themselves, produce pollen that could fertilize flowers and create seeds in true hermaphroditic breeding fashion. They’re distributed either by Internet dealers or actual shops that also sell joints, leaves, or bongs.
  • The main (and most obvious) benefit of breeding feminized seeds is the fact that every last plant you’ll get is female and usable for relaxing couch-lock stones or uplifting, imagination-inducing highs. Whether you’re depressed or in pain (perhaps you’re even suffering from insomnia or even writer’s block), there’s a feminized, autoflowering strain you can use. Just click on the shopping carts or baskets of online dealers or go to the nearest shops selling seeds as recommended by your doctor or friends. You can pay for these seeds by COD, credit card, or check.

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