The Advantages of Buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds

There are many advantages to be had when it comes to availing of feminized marijuana seeds, chief among them the fact that they’re easier to grow than regular strains, plus every packet contains all female seeds, so there’s no need to “weed” out the male weeds. Cannabis seeds that are feminized are bred through a process known as hermaphroditic breeding, known in slang as”Breeding with Herman”. The seeds are priced differently from normal seeds because they’re difficult to produce yet offer optimum cannabis action on all female plants. You’ll enjoy strong yields, relaxing stones, pain relief, uplifting highs, antidepressant effects, and the like with any feminized seed that’s either mostly Sativa (mental effects) or mostly Indica (physical effects). What’s more, these seeds are readily available on the Internet to boot.

Various Benefits to Expect

  • Indica strains are for the most part responsible for couch-lock stones and painkiller effects. Sativa strains, on the other hand, can uplift you with antidepressant effects (although weed is not classified as an antidepressant) to stimulating benefits (although it’s not a stimulant either). While Indicas are the ones usually associated with medicinal benefits (particularly of the painkilling aspect), Sativas can help those with stress and mental issues as well; they’re not necessarily the recreational type of genetic origin, just as Indicas can be used recreationally as well as medically depending on intent and context.
  • Thanks to the virtues of crossbreeding, you can now have feminized autoflowering (as in you don’t have to put in a set amount of sunlight and darkness period to induce your weed to flower and be ready for smoking) Indicas with uplifting effects due to high THC levels or Sativas with Indica-qualities relating to CBD-based painkilling and anti-insomnia relaxant effects. This is especially true for 50/50 breeds that are equal parts Indica and Sativa. They enjoy the best of both worlds, simply put. Every discerning cultivator wants to have these seeds, especially those who can only do indoor weed growing or cultivating.
  • The seeds of feminized marijuana are stable plants. They’re the result of seed production evolution. These selections showcase the best breeds and variants available. What’s more, they’re specifically crossbred in order to produce 99.9% female seed clones. This means you won’t ever have to take out worthless male seeds out of every packet of seeds you buy ever again. These strains have proven themselves as winners in more than a few Sativa and Indica competitions. They’re truly the cream of the crop of the cannabis world.

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