Purchasing Feminized Marijuana Seeds – What Are Its Health Benefits?

The health benefits of feminized marijuana seeds depend on what sort of strain it is. Ruderalis aside, most strains are either a combination of Sativa and Indica parentage. A breed can be mostly Sativa or mostly Indica as well as a perfect half-and-half 50/50 combination of both that determine how healthy your pot is. When it comes to physiological or physical benefits, growing feminized cannabis that is mostly Indica is your best bet. Weed with Indica properties tend to be easier to grow indoors, with decent yield and, most importantly, relaxing medicinal effects. In terms of health benefits, smoking Indica strains will give you pain relief, muscle relaxation, and other relaxant properties without outright being a relaxant (many pot plants leave you aware of your surroundings even when stoned).

Other Medicinal Properties of Medicinal Marijuana

  • Sativa strains are more psycho-active rather than physiologically beneficial. What that means is that mostly Sativa, wholly Sativa, or even 50/50 Sativa-Indica strains have uplifting properties that increase your imagination and creativity output. If you’ve ever experienced a natural high wherein you feel happy because you’re “doped” with dopamine, then it’s kind of like that effects wise (although the mechanisms of action is obviously different). As a rule of thumb, Indica is for pain relief, Sativa is for psychological (even dementia) treatment. These are “designer” drugs, in a sense, with individual characteristics categorized in general as Indica or Sativa.
  • Speaking of 50/50 strains, that’s the beauty of cross-breeding and designer hybrids. You can, through the miracle of picking and choosing certain strains, get the best of both worlds. Some strains have more CBD in them (which offers relaxant-like physiological effects when smoking pot) while other strains have more THC in them (which is the agent responsible for the mental or psychoactive… even stimulant… effects of weed). On top of that, breeders can make their strain as pungent, “toxic”, potent, fruity, or fragrant as they want.
  • In terms of medical benefits, you have a whole menagerie of possible breed and hybrid combinations to explore. If you’re depressed, you can use psychoactive mostly Sativa cannabis as an antidepressant. If you’re in pain, you need a purer Indica strain with loads of muscle relaxant and couch lock stone properties. An Indica breed of cannabis can even go about helping one sleep if you’re suffering from insomnia and you don’t want to risk overdosing on sleeping pills (which is always a danger). Sativa strains don’t only stimulate the mind; it could also change a person’s mood, making him mellower or less prone to any dangerous behavior.

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