Information about Female Marijuana Seeds – How to Buy

When buying female marijuana seeds, you can either get them online or offline (that is, in a real shop). Online is the much better option for a whole gamut of reasons, chief among them the ease of finding the right strain for you. It’s not perfect, though, and the top weed strains are usually sold out by the time you get to them. With that said, buying at brick-and-mortar shops is also an option if you live in a place where pot is legal. However, there are varying states of legality when it comes to cannabis, especially in the United States. In some states or countries, pot is only legal if it’s used medicinally and prescribed by a doctor. In other areas, it’s completely legal that even coffee shops sell it.

Other Things of Note Regarding Marijuana Seeds of the Feminized Variety

  • Feminized seeds are gifts that keep on giving. To be more specific, did you know that a female seed that’s unfertilized can produce more THC, which is the ingredient that gives cannabis that extra kick that affects your brains and will leave you pondering the mysteries of the universe while smoking a joint or a bong? You know, as opposed to CBD, which facilitates the more relaxing and couch-lock effects of your typical hash. The amount of THC and CBD in strains is also determined by whether it’s mostly Indica (equal CBD and THC) or Sativa (most THC) in terms of genetics.
  • Marijuana pollination and fertilization can be done through traditional fertilization (male and female plants get together, male pollens are transferred to female flowers, and fertilization begins) or rodelization (whenever a female plant is about to end its life cycle without fertilization, it becomes hermaphroditic, it gets a pollen sac, and fertilizes itself in order to produce seeds). Stress can also make female plants turn into male ones, which is why colloidal silver is water is a known method of marijuana rodelization. The silver stresses the pot plant enough to make it self-pollinate and fertilize as a sort of survival mechanism or instinct.
  • Aside from feminizing seeds, breeders also developed strains that can autoflower. Regular marijuana female plants, aside from requiring males to fertilize themselves and produce seed offspring, also need a set amount of sunlight every day in order to flower or mature. This is problematic whether it’s indoors (not much sunlight comes through) or outdoors (if it’s the rainy season), which is why breeders developed autoflowering cannabis strains that can flower regardless of whether or not you’re able to meet the set amount of light for photoperiod plants.

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