Important Facts You Need To Know When Buying Feminized Marijuana Seeds

“Breeding with Herman” or hermaphroditic breeding is the breeding technique breeders use in order to produce all-female seed clones without having the need for male flowers (which, to be honest, are only useful for pollination and reproduction, but they themselves are worthless in terms of producing highs or stones). Let this be clear: Only female plants can make you high or stoned. Male plants are incapable of giving you any effects whatsoever. The new breeds of plants used by breeders—the feminized variety—are female clones that can reproduce without males because they can make an abundance of male flowers and pollen by themselves. These plants, in essence, can turn into hermaphrodites and breed more clones without the need of male reproductive intervention, hence the term hermaphroditic breeding. Feminized seeds are thus produced this way, with no need to get male seeds involved at all.

Why Feminized Marijuana Seeds Are the Best

  • Back in the day, marijuana seeds came with male and female seeds. The males were required because they made the female ones blossom and reproduce seeds after flowering. Furthermore, until the advent of autoflowering plants, pot used to require a set amount of sunlight or just light in general if you’re indoors (around 18 hours or so depending on the strain) in order to bloom. Otherwise, they won’t be able to mature (or at least the regular strains won’t; autoflowers, as their name suggest, bloom within a set amount of weeks).
  • This meant that your ability to get female plants and seeds was limited to the luck of the draw, thus breeders decided to create female hermaphroditic clones that can reproduce without male assistance. With that said, producing feminized cannabis seeds is also luck-based. If there’s some way to ensure that every seed could produce female plants, then breeders would probably choose that method above all others. However, the truth of the matter is that even feminization has its ups and downs or assets and liabilities.
  • Instead, weed and pot growers opt to find ways to increase the likelihood of feminized cannabis plants because there’s no surefire way to ensure that you’ll get female clones (and most of the time, the breeders still have to weed out the males from the female seeds). The methods available for inducing more female or feminized seeds include colloidal silver and rodelization. Both methods induce females to produce male parts in order to propagate without male help. Rodelization happens by simply removing males and letting females become males. In turn, colloidal silver can be added to water to induce rodelization.


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