Growing Marijuana Seeds – Easy Tips on How to Build Grow Boxes

Because of the technology we are having now in terms of growing cannabis, there are now better and more innovative ways for us to be able to grow your cannabis. One of the modes in which growers find it convenient is through the indoor growing. And since indoor growing is not subject to direct nutrients offered by nature, there should be much care and due innovation that should be done in order such mode of growing to be made possible.

There should be special materials and tools in order for indoor growing to be made possible. One of the many ways in which indoor growing can be facilitated is by growing cannabis through the use of a marijuana grow box. While it is true that a lot of people, even newbies for that matter would mistake this as one of those high technological gadget that may be quite complicated to operate. On the contrary actually, the marijuana grow box can be easily done and a person with less experience in construction may be able to create this in no time.

What to need:

One has to need the following materials. These are the following:

  • 4 pieces of 4 x 4 and 6 pieces of 2 x 2 OSB board or plywood of half an inch thickness. This will serve as the very structure of the grow box.
  • Lumber of 8 feet long
  • Small molding at estimated 8 feet.
  • Other items that may require such as fans, lighting or glass

When it comes to the tools that may be needed when building the marijuana grow box, one must require a power saw, drill, hand tools and other wood screws.

The first thing to do is to always ensure one’s protection as you may have to need to deal with delicate and complex tools that may be hazardous for your safety. In this case, it is always best to wear a protective eye wear.

Now, the next is to find out which kind of lighting that you will use in your grow box. In this case, one should require putting vent holes on the box. In fact, this is considered to be the most convenient way to supply the basic elements needed for the weed’s survival. After which, the wiring should take place. This may require you use sprinklers or hydroponics for the water essentials of your cannabis.

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