Facts and Myths on Growing Marijuana Seeds

Growing marijuana seeds may be illegal but you won’t get caught if you plant it safely and properly. Besides, planting cannabis seeds will give your lifetime supplyof weeds since it is planted in your indoor plot. Marijuana seeds produce plants that give tons of health benefits to its users. Before you plan to grow cannabis seeds, make sure that you know some facts and myths about the plant.

Facts about weeds

Most plant growers preferred growing feminized marijuana plants because it only produces female plants that are good for the production of weeds. Weeds are used in smoking, in food preparation, and in medical purposes. It contains high potency level that varies depending on the type of cannabis seeds you plant. The plant’s potency level gives a strong effect in the user’s body that makes it effective in the field of medicine. It was believed that weeds can grow in any indoor or outdoor places but it can grow best in any indoor plots especially in hydroponics.

Moreover,Aquaponics is a type of hydro system that requires marijuana seeds to grow in fish wastes. It is because fish wastes contain nitrogen that is especially needed to the growth of weeds.During its plantation, human urine can be used as an effective fertilizer because it contains ample amount of nitrogen that weeds need for its development. On the other hand, fish wastes and human urine can be used optionally because marijuana seeds can grow even without both of these things. In hydroponics, you can mix nutrient solutions in the water. These nutrient solutions include nutrients that human urine and fish wastes have for the proper growth of weeds.

Myths about pots

Furthermore, some says that users who smoke pots feel absolutely high to the point that theyexperienced memory loss but it is not scientifically proven that it provides memory loss. Perhaps it only gives a short term memory to the users who are under the influence of pot. Besides, some says that pots can damage the person’s brain but cannabis plants don’t have toxins that could kill your brain cells. In addition, there are other beliefs that smoking pots can change your hormones but there is no scientific data to support it. The truth is that pots can change your sex hormones if you combined it with alcoholic drinks. Moreover, some users say that pots are just like cigarettes but it is not true because cigarettes contain higher dosage of carbon monoxide and tar than pots.

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